Stray Cat had kittens.

by Rayna

I live in the country and there are a lot of strays around here. I put food and water and shelter out for these cat's.

Five of those strays have come into my home and now are indoor's all the time. My problem is a new cat showed up about 2 week's ago. It was obvious she was pregnant. Unfortunatly she was not in the least bit friendly. I tried using a cat trap so I could get her to the vet. However it was impossible. She wouldn't get near it.

Every time I would reach out to pet her she would try to bite. Anyway 2 day's ago I went to walk outside and there she was on my porch having kittens! I had a box with towels in it for her ready, however she did not go in it instead she started having the kittens right there on the cold hard floor of the porch!

I managed to get her into the box and brought her inside where she then had 5 more kittens. I stayed with her the entire time talking softly and stroking her head. Amazing how friendly she was to me after how mean she had been for those 2 weeks.

All day yesterday she was doing wonderful. Now today she didn't want anything to do with her babies. One of them passed away. I am so deeply sadend by this. Now she walks around the house as if she is looking for the other kitten. And pays no attention to her crying babies. She has even tried getting outside. I don't understand why she would want to leave her other kittens behind. I have had
to supplement the kittens. I actually just started this about an 2 hours ago. One of the kittens I think will pass by morning.

I noticed a very foul odor coming from the mother cat and after checking her out I noticed blood in the private area. Can you please tell me what is going on? I plan on calling the vet in the morning but I am really worried and found your site so I was hopeing maybe you could help?

Answer by KAte
How wonderful of you to be so persistent and caring for this cat, god bless you.

Unfortunately some cats just don't make good mothers. there is no explanation of this, it may just be her nature or she may have not had enough experience around her own mother etc.

Anyway in cases like this it is down to us to try and see the kittens through the early weeks. this is very hard and time consuming and not always successful.

I have some web pages about how to look after orphan kittens which you may find of further help here

As for the mother cat you are doing the right thing in taking her to the vets.. being a stray she may have picked up all sorts of things. You may also consider having her spayed although the vet may not want to do this until the kittens are weaned at around 8 to 12 weeks, but he will assess the situation based on what you tell him.

I wish you every success with the kittens and this poor stary cat, life is tough for them and any helping hand even rebuffed is essential.

best wishes kate

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Thank You
by: Rayna

Thank you for taking the time to answer! Another kitten passed away this morning. There are four left who although are taking the supplement do not seem to be doing better. I am really worried about them! I made an appt. for the mother cat this afternoon. I do plan on getting her fixed as soon as it is allowed. Thank you once again!

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