stray cat had six kittens now living in basement

by at a loss
(butler pa)

I have two house cats and now a cat that had six kittens by my

garage. Brought her into the house would have when I started
feeding her but she did not get along with my other cats. Now,she and her kittens are in my basement. My question is two part.

1. Nelly won't have a BM where she urinates! I have two litter boxes and she still goes BM on the floor. Is there anything else
I can do?
2. One of her kittens genital area is infected looking. I have put antibiotic cream on it twice now. It also happens to be the runt of the litter. This is my first time dealing with a animal that had babies so I am really at a loss. Do I take mother and kittens to the vet? Just this kitten. Today I noticed an old odor emitted from this kitten. Is this feces? Please help thanks

Answer by Kate
Regardig the litter problem. Make sure that the litter tray is kept clean all the time, some cats won't use a tray where another cat may have urinated. Also the Bm might be being used as a scent marker to tell the other cats hey this is my tray. Make sure all cats have their own litter tray and that they are not near each other or near there food. Also they have to be in a safe area where the cat won't feel threatened.

regarding the kitten with the infection. Yes take him to the the vet. Kittens are very susceptable to illness and need all the help they can. If it is infected he will probably need some antibiotics also it will probably be a good idea to let the vet check the wound out anyway in case there are other complication.

While you are at the vets you can express your concerns about the mother and her other kittens.

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