Stray cat problem

by Diane
(Amarillo, Tx USA)

I have a wild cat outside that I have been feeding. I feed cans of foods since my 2 cats inside eat it. He is a very picky eater and sometimes won't eat what I put out for him. I have tried catching him. Once had him in animal shelter trap, then felt bad for him and let him go. Have tried two other times to capture him, but he won't go in the cage (even with sardines in it). Have you suggestions?

Answer by Kate
well i am not an expert in catching stray cats and it is a shame that you let him go the first time as now he is weary of the cage.

i am not sure if you asking me how to catch him or what to feed him.

As a stray cat he will be eating from many sources and so he may have recently found another source of food and simply is not hungry enough any more to eat the food you put out for him.

I would say however that you have to make a decision about this cat, you have to decide to either be responsible for him full time i.e become his carer in which case you need to ask help from a local animal charity who should be able to help you capture him so that he can be neutered and vaccinated etc.

or you have to decide that he is to remain stray
in which case you can't worry about what he is eating as he will find his own food.

It can be a difficult decision as it is heart breaking to see a stray cat. if you can look after him full time that would be great as the more strays that are taken off the street and neutered the better for the whole cat population.

best wishes Kate

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stray cat problem
by: tracy


I also feed the stray /feral cats. I have one cat that has taken to me. He comes running when he sees me and I can brush and pet him. I named him Lion King. He is a beautiful tiger tabby vat. I already have 2 tiger tabbies myself(inddor cats) I have a small apartment so I cannot take in any more cats. If I could I sure would. I love cats and I will continue to feed them. It costs me a small fortuine, but I will do it no matter what. Thank you for feeding that cat. I know how hard it is to catch a cat..I had my husband catch our 2 cats. I got them right outside our Apt. building also. Whatever you decide is ok, just wanted to tel you how wonderful you are for helping this cat and any others like I do.


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