stray cat

by wendy
(sandy beds great britain)

hi ive been looking after this stray cat i.e feeding her she wants to be friendly but very scared she was meowing quite alot on friday didnt think nothing to it i made her a little house few weeks ago and when i got home from work there was loads of blood i could hear here meowing she was in a bush well when i usually go near she runs but this time she didnt. I went to see her and she`d just given birth i managed to get her and the baby inside she let me but thts all she had 1 i looked around where she was there was nothing else there i also looked in the usual places she goes but nothing the baby is very small but is feeding ok shes upstairs in my daughters bedroom where its quiet now she is very affectionate which shes never been where her boobies are they look swollen a bit is this the milk ive rung a vet and they gave me cat protection as my cat had a litter 4 weeks ago she seems healthy and the baby is a right little mover hope u can give me some answers


Answer by Kate
Hi Wendy. I am not sure what you are asking. If it is about her swollen teats then yes it could simply be the milk inside.

There are some conditions which can cause infection in the teats and this has to be diagnosed and treated by a vet. If you re not able to afford a vet then yes the cast protection league is a good place to contact to see if they can provide you with any help to get the cat seen by a vet .

Other than that all sounds well but if the kitten may also need to be seen by a vet to make sure that he is Ok, if he is very small he may need some extra help and again a vet is the best person to assess this.

i do have some pages about kitten care here on the site which you may find of further hep. Here is the first page

best wishes Kate

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