stray female cat follows me around

by Jean McKenzie

I have a lovely ginger tom (snipped) who very kindly bought home a little scrap of an almost dead from hunger ginger queen, the vet thought she was pregnant so I was the only person she saw for the whole of her term, she was not pregnant but had been starving which accounted for her swollen tummy, during the time she and I spent together in the spare room she would hold my hand with her two front paws and licks my hand over and over again she would also, if my head was near hers gently pull my hair, well she is now, along with the ginger tom fully ensconced in our household, together with our dog but she follows me around like a dog, is very obedient, and still holds my hand with her front paws and licks my hand. Can you tell me why this is and also do you think cats can identify each other as another small ginger cat has appeared with our other two, I think its a girl as she is small and although my little girl is fine with her, so is my tom, any suggestions please. Thank you

What a great story an thank goodness she found you.

Often cats that have been stray can become very attached to their rescuer as it were. You have become her rock, a place she feels safe and who she knows she will get comfort from. i think is the reason for her following you around. However this can become unhealthy for a cat if they become overly attached and will suffer if you have to go away for any period of time with separation anxiety. See my page page about this issue here

Regarding whether or not cats recognize each other etc, well who can really say. But i would say this. I have always believed that cats seem to know when they have found a cat loving home who may look after them. when i was young we used to joke that their was an invisible sign above our house saying "all stray cats welcome" as we were always finding new strays on our doorstep. Who knows if cats communicate with each other they may even spread the word :)

I wish you lots of happy years together with your new found cat family.

best wishes kate

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