stray kitten acting strange

A stray kitten came crying in our yard the other day, first meowing like crazy, and walking funny by streching his back legs all the way out so his body was super long before taking another step... then he ate some of my kitty's food (we just got kittens 3 weeks ago) and he eats really strange, opens his mouth as wide as the bowl but doesn't eat real well and not very much. this kitten seems to have been fed somewhere and is very attached to people. Are my kittens in danger of getting a disease from this kitten? (I took the food bowl away after new kitten was done eating but later on it happened again that my kitten ate after the new one had eaten..)

Any advice on what it could be? this is a very friendly cat but does meow constantly... I thought it was looking for its momma but now not sure, it maybe sick?

Poor little guy. It could well be that he was the runt of a litter and has been abandoned by either his mother or his owners.

With any stray kitten it is important to first find out of he belongs to anyone near by by putting up posters etc. And then if no one comes forward you have to decide whether or not you are going to become his owner. If not then you must stop feeding him and take him to an animal shelter. if you are willing to take care of him then it is wise that you take him to the vets for a health check. At least that way you will know if he has any physical problems. Sounds like he may have a problem with his jaw and legs but this could just be inexperience. in any case if he does have physical problems this does not mean that he could not make a great little pet.

As for passing on illness to your kittens, the worst could be cat flu if he has it. (you would know if this was the case see this page

or fleas or some other skin parasite. Kittens can be very susceptible to fleas and it can make them sick. So make sure you treat your kittens for fleas every month to protect them.


best wishes kate

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Stretching motion
by: Anonymous

That's a greeting. My own cat does it, it means he's happy to see me, as yours is very glad to see you.

If you're concerned about your kitten, take him to a vet. The biggest thing you should be concerned about is fleas and mites

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