stressed and confused!!! cat owner

by lauren
(san jose)

Oh my..... i just got a new male cat about 9 months old, recently nuetered( 2-3 weeks ago)...and i had a female who is abut 3 years.... they do not get along! instead of the female being protective of her space, she cowers, growls and hides when he's around. He hears her growl and makes attempts to fight her. They have fought and it is him who initiates it and the female who is the victim, fighting back to protect herself. She hides all day but will come out when i close my room door (she stays in there while im gone and he stays out in the rest of the house)...but i try to get them in the same room...why is he so aggressive towards her, and why does she not fight back? Sometimes when she goes outside, she stays out for 2 days strait! she used to come in everynight and be waiting at my doorstep...instead she's coming around every few days and im having to carry her in. Also, my male will not use HIS litter box out in his area(in my living room where his food and cat tree are). when i leave him outside my room, i find pee and poop everywhere but his box. But, when in my room, he will use my females litter box just fine! i don't want to get rid of him b/c he and my dog are bff's...but i cant handle the feces and i hate seeing my baby Luna being upset!> how do i solve all this and what does it all mean!?AHHHH

Answer by Kate
well all your issues are quite normal cat behavior and I get asked abouth this issue a lot so don't feel alone in this. Basically it is all about territory, bothe the fighting and the urination.

They are both quite big problems and I cannot give you a full answer here. Instead because I get asked this a lot I have writtens some pages about it all on this website I wil give you the pages so that you can read the full explanation etc.

You will need to go through the cat introduction period first and let this take at least a week. then I would suggest when your male cat has settled down a little that you take him through the litter tray training.

here are the pages

best wishes Kate

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