Sudden Agression from my 6 month Old persian kitten.

by Dana
(sterling heights, mi, united states)

My new kitten

My new kitten

I have a 6 month old Persian kitten, she was the sweetest thing in the world until I got a new 8 week old kitten yesterday... I got the kitten from the same breeder and purely so that the 6 month old one would have a life partner and someone to play with while I was at work all day. Molly (6 month old) used to greet me at the door by running her head all over me, would want to cuddle on my shoulders and lick my face and knead at me- from what Ive research are all signs that she loves me. Well I got this new kitten (meeka) and she is a very shy cat that hides from me (which is very frustrating) Molly hissed and growled when she saw the new kitten and has been acting funny- I know its a territorial thing. So I separated the cats in my apartment. So 5 minutes ago I was playing with molly with the new toy i bought her and she is like hissing and moaning...which she has NEVER done. And then I went to brush her and she did the same thing. I almost started to cry because Molly is now changing drastically and the 8 week old kitten hates me... i just want the cats to be happy. I just want to be able to pet/hold my cat again without her growling like I'm hurting her. Can you help?

Unfortunately this is completely normal cat behaviour. Cats are very territorial and are not like us whereby they need other cats to keep them happy, they don’t especially if they have not been brought up with other cats.

My first question is your older cat spayed yet? If not then i would suggest having this done soon as this will help to reduce her territorial behaviour.

Also have you introduced the cats in a way that they don’t feel threatened? If not then i would suggest that you take them through a period of introduction which is described here

It does take a little time and effort but can help a lot.
Dont worry hopefully over tie things will settle down again.

Best wishes kate

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