sudden change in cat behaviour

Hi, My cat honey went missing for three days, during these three days it was raining quite heavily. She did return to us but she seems like a different cat, she is no longer affectionate and is very jumpy like she is scared. She is particualy frightened of black objects like my black pillow a black shoe ect. She is very suspisious then starts attaking the object. She has not been aggrassive to any person though, we belive she may have had a traumatic experiance but we are also thought maby somthing has happend to her eye sight?


Answer by Kate
Hi well yes it does sound like something happened to her while she was away which has frightened her enough that she is still jumpy about it. As for the eye sight issue, I'm not sure why you would suspect something was wrong with her sight particularly, It may juts be that she was frightened by a black cat or dog and now associated things which are dark in colour of similar size with the fright.
You could always have her eyes checked by the vet if you do suspect that there is something wrong there. However I suspect that it is going to take some time for her to get her confidence back. I would keep her in one room with her bed, litter and toys (feed her in the kitchen as normal) for a week or so. This will allow your cat some time to calm down without the fear of having lots of stimulus to scare her etc.
Give her lost of space and allow her to come to you rather than you approaching her, this will also allow her to get her confidence back in her own time.

I have seen this behaviour before after a cat goes missing for a while, it will get better but can take some time. Lots of TLC and time will help your cat.

best wishes Kate

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Scared of dark objects
by: Anonymous

my 2 year old Siamese has become increasingly scared of dark objects that are on the floor. He does not attack them but will raise his hackles and avoid these objects at all cost.I have to remove said object in order for him to relax. He is an indoor cat and has had no traumatic event. He can clearly see things in the distance, like birds squirrels and lizards. He is not afraid of people only the dark objects on the floor.

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