Suki My Cat's Story

by John T
(Liverpool UK)

My Suki is 5 yrs old. She's a strange cat really. Let me explain. At night, she comes into my bedroom and walks up to the pillow. That's the signal for me to lift up the duvet for her to get inside. Once inside, she curls up and licks my elbow. She doesn't stay too long but repeats this about 5/6 times through the night. Apart from that, she will curl up beside me and have her naps. She will let me stroke and cuddle her.


Outside of that, she won't come near me. If I go to pet her outside my room, she will run away. She will not sit on my lap, but will come to me for her cat treats.


I love her millions and I spoil her lots

I never ever give her cold meals. I put her meal in the microwave and count 8. That takes the chill off it.
If she sits on my chair at the dining table, I will sit somewhere else.
She gets a few prawns at weekends as a treat.

She is the boss here and I allow that.

More about my Suki and a photo later



What a charming little story about your cat. It is very odd though that she only allows you to stroke her in your room. Is obviously feels very safe there.

Yes it can be a good idea to slightly warm the cat's food as it makes it smell a little stronger to your cat and this encourages them to eat. My two hate really cold food
especially in the winter. They look up at me as if to say, 2this food has no smell at all". We too have to warm it slightly in the winter.

She's very lucky to get a few fresh prawns at the weekend. I don't think my cats have ever seen a real prawn and probably would be very weary of it. Prawns don't come into our house as we are vegetarians so they won't get the chance to find out. But they do love their Tuna cat food the best.

Dec 03, 2013
Suki isn't that unusual!
by: Anonymous

We have 4 inside cats and they definitely have favourites when it comes to their guardians!
QT (who came to us last) is Daddy's girl BUT only when she is sitting on his bed. Then she is putty in his hands and loves her tummy rubbed, wraps herself around his arm and loves nothing more than to stuff her head into his hand so almost none of it is visible! However, when she sees him during the day she runs like hell!!
Little Tigger, who came to us first, (see cat rescue story )loves his Mummy the best and will sit happily on her lap in the study in the evenings as we play on the computer. He seeks her company on and off all day. However, while the other 3 (who we call 'the bed cats' spend the night with us in the bedroom, Tigger never joins is but prefers to lie curled up on the sofa. After 3 years he is still very wary of Daddy!

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