swollen genitals and walking funny

by raine
(toronto, ontario, canada)

my cat is 1.5 yrs old. she is suddenly having trouble walking - like she's sore and doesn't want to put weight on her legs - but her legs aren't swollen or broken. although, her genitals are red and swollen. she's been sticking very close to me and is very affectionate. her sister (from same litter) is being very protective of her and staying close.

i have a male cat - 8 mos old, none of them are fixed. i'm planning to fix the male, but haven't yet. i wanted a litter first.

i'm wondering what is wrong with my female.

Answer by Kate
well it sounds like she may have an infection in that area. Swelling and walking oddly are definite signs that she needs to see a vet for some treatment.

What has caused the problem is difficult to say but perhaps the vet will have a better idea once they have examined her.

best wishes Kate

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