Tara, A Dog In A Cat's Body!

by serenic
(new york)

Although my wife has always loved and owned cats,I never fancied them and kept a distance from them. Rare attempts to befriend them would be met with a hiss and bared fangs and talons and a realization that it is best that we occupy separate rooms as often as possible.

I always thought if I was to choose a pet, it would be a dog, but the thought of trudging through snow, rain or whatever the seasonal order of the day or night might be, to satisfy the whims or functional demands of a four-legged creature would be too imposing.

Tara was given to my wife by my son who was moving into an apartment that banned pets. While this pleased my wife as the "cat from hell" had recently departed due to old age, I can't say that I shared her welcome, as I was just starting to enjoy the feeling of being the master of my domain again,during the intervals of non-feline occupancy.

Despite the daily brushing, feeding and cooing by my wife,Tara decided to bond with me.I never heard her hiss during the five of her eight years that she lived with us. As I walked from room to room, she would always walk a pace before me, anticipating my direction.If I would sit before my computer screen she would perch beside me purring until I would rise. If I would lie on my couch, she would lie on my chest or next to me, purring the whole time. Being retired, I am mostly home, but when I leave,she would look out the window for my return and greet me at the door.

Tara is happiest when we have visitors. The more, the better. While she is not a lap sitter,she would sit next to a guest with the welcoming attention of a gracious host.It's too bad that cats can't smile, but
her manner is such, that one gets the impression that she has a perpetual Mona Lisa countenance.

Well,I mentioned how I feel about dogs. Tara is more dog than cat and I don't have to weather the elements to please her. She is content remaining indoors and doesn't venture to escape outdoors through an open door. What is most remarkable is her understanding and obeying the following commands: "Don't do that" (she immediately stops clawing the furniture)."No" or "stop" ( she desists her activity). "It's time" (she leaves my room,knowing it is time for me to go to bed).

Tara's bed is in my wife's bedroom and whether she is asleep in her bed or in another room, she comes racing onto my wife's bed whenever I enter for what we call a "family conference." She will lie on the bed purring during the length of our discussion, searching our faces as though she understands our every word.

I regret that I did not have this bonding experience with a pet during my earlier years. My wife is delighted that I am having this experience in my eighties before the shades are drawn. Tara has taught me much about love, patience and a Buddha like insight.My wife was fond of all the cats she has owned and states that Tara is more dog than cat and admits that while Tara is ladylike toward her, she is jealous of our bonding.

For all her intelligence, Tara constantly wags her tail and in her maturity has not learned that her tail is a part of her body and wiles away a good part of her time chasing it.

What a wonderful story. i am so glad that you have found a cat that fits you. I could not be without a cat in my life.

thank you so much for sharing your cat story with us. Kate

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Feb 25, 2018
by: Srijata

When I reached to the part where Tara befriended the retired man,some part of it reminded me of the book "The Dalai Lama's Cat" and just after that I read bout the mention of Buddha.
I'm sure Tara wanted you to experience the love of a pet,no matter a dog or cat..
Animals understand everythin' even if they can't speak our language, I'm sure she understood all your discussion in the "family conferences"that you had.
She made you realise how beautiful it is to have an animal companion in life.

Sep 28, 2017
What a wonderful story
by: Maryanne

Thank you for sharing your story. It sounds like Tara is your lifelong friend. I'm so happy you found each other. i very much enjoyed reading your story :)

Jun 26, 2014
Touching Story
by: Debbie

Thank you so much for sharing the story of your unexpected relationship with Tara. It's obvious you have bonded deeply with her. mainly due to your tail chasing comment which I assume you included because she delights you in her wily kitten ways. I enjoy cheerful success stories so very much. Again, Thank you and wishing you and Tara many more years of a loving family!

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