Taz The Cat

Taz the cat- My name is Estella and this is my cat Taz.

Taz is a male 8 year old cat and lives with me in Bucks, UK

My favorite food - He goes mental for sheba and stretches his front paws as far as he can reach to the worktop in the kitchen. Most of the time he eats iams chicken biscuits.

This is what I like to do the best - Sleeping, as he is getting older! He used to like hunting more, and went out most of the day, catching mice, rats, rabbits, birds and once he caught a duckling and an owl!

My funny habits are - he hardly ever uses his litter tray as he is not used to it and is ashamed when he does. But when he does, he sits like an eagle on a branch and curves one of his paws around the side of the tray!

How I found my cat - We got Taz in the Blue cross animal rescue centre. He had already been to 2 homes, but was too naughty!

We got Taz from the blue cross re-homing center, when he had already been re-homed twice from jumping up curtains and being too naughty. The blue cross named him Taz, for the stripes on him and after the Taz Manian cartoon on tv! he is special because he is really funny, especially waiting for his sheba and as he is very affectionate. He stays with us most of the day and goes out in the Summer all night. He catches mice, rats, rabbits, birds, and once he got a duckling and an owl! The duckling survived as we took it back to the neighbors duck pond and the owl woke us up at 1.00 at night but we managed to get him to fly out of the door and he survived, so we call him Taz Manian Devil.

Pictures of Taz- Reading my comic

This is a picture of Taz, reading my beano on the 5th of January 2010. He always rolls over, to get my attention and won't let me read it! He will even give me a scram if i try to get him off!

by: Anonymous

i love your cat! x 

Pictures of Taz-On the bed 
by: Tracy


Your cat is beautiful! I have a male cat and he looks just like your cat TAZ. His name is Bootsie. He has 4 white paws and a "M" on his forehead. I just love tiger tabbies...they have such beautiful markings! Bootsie is 3 years old and my husband rescued him from the outside when he was about 8 weeks old(guessing). We also have a new addition to the family who my husband also rescued. Her name is Bonnie and she is also a tiger tabby. She is about 9 months old now and she is just the sweetest little kitty. Bootsie and Bonnie just adore eacj other. we are so glad that we got Bootsie a friend. He is male, but he sure took over like a mother. Thanks again for your picture!!!!

Taz- On the amplifier

This is Taz the cat on the amplifier, he always sits there and lets you take photo's of him. We think he like to listen to the vibration when my Dad plays the drums and the guitar. 

When we got him, he also liked to listen to music and sat next to the cd player and listened to the radio!

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