Temporarily re-housing my cat



Hello, I am leaving my house and cat to go abroad for 6 months. Unfortunately my tenants do not want the responsibility of looking after my cat.

My next door neighbours have agreed to look after him and they already have a cat. What's the best way to introduce my cat to their home? He already goes in and spends time with my neighbours and their cat anyway, but I'm concerned it'll be different once he is living there.

Also is it necessary for him to be kept in for a while to adjust to his new surroundings? If so for how long? Will he get confused as he will no longer be able to gain access to his old home? Is there anything I can do to ease his confusion.

I will be around for a week after I leave him with my neighbours before I travel to see how he's getting on, will a week be long enough to know whether this arrangement will work or not?

I'm trying to be practical about this, but it's breaking my heart to leave him but I have no choice :(

Many thanks in advance,


Answer by Kate
Ah Lynn his gorgeous.

Well I am wondering if this is going to be a little confusing for your cat,as he will be right next door to his old home, so i am imagining that he will constantly return there rather than go to the neighbors and then when you get back you could have the reverse problem.

However the only other option would be for your neighbors to look after him bit allow him to remain in his own home, but this might be a little inconvenient, i don't know.

If they do want him in there house then a week isn't really long enough, i would give it at least 2 weeks in their house for him to get used to it and to being fed there etc. During this time you can use the introduction method for him and the other cat. described here

There is never an easy answer in situations liken this, sometimes we just have to do the best we can. luckily your cat will still be in an area he is familiar with.

have a good trip

best wishes Kate

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Change of heart...
by: Lynn

Thanks for your answer Kate.

There's been a new development, after speaking to my neighbours again they are concerned about their own cat and have changed their mind about looking after Blu.

If I can't find anything more suitable for him then my last option is for him to go back to a friend where I got him from a year ago, but she lives in a flat with no outside space and Blu has had the run of my house and garden.

If it does come to this, is there anyway to make this transition easier for him?

Any advice appreciated.


comment by kate
well it is never going to be easy. I sit possible for him to visit your friends house several times before he has to stay there.

Also distraction often works well, so he will need lots of new and interesting things in the new place, so lots of toys etc. Also make sure your friends set up a regular routine for him ie meals times play time etc this will help him setle.

I wish you all the best


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