terrified kitty :(

by Ashley

My kitty lives with me and three other guys. He's about a year old, and we have had him for about 3 months. We went out friday and he got outside, which is normal for him he likes to go out during the day. We returned home and he was at the door waiting to get in. He was perfectly fine for the first couple hours we were home. Then when we came to check on him after watching our movie we had to look everywhere....we finally found him in a dark corner of the closet. When i brought him out he trembled in my arms and hid his face in my my arm, like he was terrified. I put him on the couch and he just layed there and didnt move all night. we comforted him until we went to bed hoping he would be back to normal in the morning...and was sad to find he wasnt. He is most comfortable with me...anyone else he runs and hides from, and if i put him down from my arms he crouches really low to the ground and runs away to the nearest hiding spot. He used to be playful and loved everyone until just friday night...now i do not know what is wrong with him. he barley eats his food, and barley goes to the bathroom which is very unusual for him because he used to eat and go to the bathroom a lot. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! What is wrong with my babyy ?? D:

Answer by Kate
Hi well this does sound extreme. Either something has really frightened him or there some physical cause or illness causing this.

Normally i would say that a few days in a comfortable room with his favourite toys and sleeping area etc could help as it reduces the amount of space he has to worry about and allows him to regain his confidence. however this sounds so extreme that i am wondering whether or not you should take him to the vets for a check-up, in case something is physically wrong, especially as he is not eating etc.

If he is still the same in another day or so i would definitely take him to the vet to be on the safe side. they may even be able to prescribe something to calm him down.

i hope the poor guy is better soon, it sounds awful for him

best wishes kate

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