Thank you for your website.

by Raven

I wrote a few days ago and Geshia my cat has now passed ,but because of your links I was able to find out what happened. I was able to get my auntie to loan me the money for the vet, and they had confermed what I figured out. I went on many of your links ,but the pet MD was most helpfull. I found out my cat has been having mini strokes for the last few months and I didn't know it because she acted fine/aka the usual way she acts. Now, when I gave her last bath, she actually had a magor stroke. I didn't know it at the time, and regardless of whatever I could have done, she was slowly passing on. The vet had to give her a shot to sleep,then one to help her finnish passing on. Heck, before this I didn't know cats could have heart attacks. Well I'm now learning as much as I can, about what can,could or do effect cats, so something like this will not happen again. I want my other babygirl to have a long healthy life, and I'm going to make sure she does. I don't want to bug you so much ,but I looked at the pet health insurences and I don't know which one is good to use ,could you tell me which you use? so I know it actually works, and I could get it for my babygirl Hoshi.

Thank you, for this website. This site does help clueless ppl like me very much.

Answer by KAte
i am sorry to hear that your cat had to be put down. But you should feel good about the fact that you helped to stop her suffering, one of the kindest things a pet owner can do.

As for pet insurance well I live in the Uk so the company I use is not available to you in the US. On my pet insurance page i do have a link to a pet insurance firm for the USA. My advice is to take a look at them and then compare their service to others. What you need to balance out is the amount of insurance they will cover, what sort of injuries and illness and also what you excess payment is. the excess is the amount you have to contribute to the bill, you don't want one that expects you to pay a fee up front and then also contribute a percentage to the over all bill. look for one that only has the initial upfront excess.

here is my cat insurance page

You really are doing the right thing in getting insurance. i wish I could convince more people to do this as it really is a massive help when anything happens to your cat, i know i have been there.

best wishes Kate

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