The Always Hungry Cat!

by Natasha

Hi yall! I have had my two cats for about 7 years and they mean the world to me. My one cat drives me nuts though. She is totally obsessed with food. I have never seen a cat like this. We feed her very little science diet D/R cat food throughout the day but anytime we walk to the kitchen or another room she flys to her dish and yells at us. It has gotten so bad that even if I am playing on my laptop and I set it down she will run to her dish. I don't know what to do. She is driving us nuts. We took her to the vet to make sure she was healthy and they told us how much to feed her because she is over weight. We have tried the spray bottle thing but that does not really do much of anything. Can anyone out there help me?

Answer by KAte
I don't know if the vet did any tests when you went to see them to rule out any underlying illness such as a thyroid problem as this constant hunger is a symptom of that i had a cat who suffered from this and she could not eat enough although she did not put any weight on.

In your case it may simply be a case that your cat has got into a habit, some cats just are like this, like some people whereby food is all they want to think about and do.

unfortunately it can be really tough to handle at first as you have to be really tough to stick to her diet and routine.

I would suggest putting into place a feeding routine i,.e times where she is fed and to spread her daily allowance of food between these meals. in between your cat should be outside (if you let them out) so that they can be distracted with other things and also not under your feet crying for food. if they are indoor cats it is harder as you have to help make the inside stimulating enough to distract them

Hopefully over time she will get used to her feeding times and will settle into the routine, once the habit of eating or begging for food and getting it is broken she should return to a normal weight.

i wish the best of luck it can be tough.

best wishes Kate

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