The Cat That Was Being Eaten Alive

by Veronica Chase
(Saskatoon, SK)

It all started soon after I moved into my own house. I am an avid animal lover and growing up my parents always told me that as soon as I moved out I could have as many pets as I wanted, which I planned on doing.

I had my 5 year old Shepherd X dog and decided my house needed a cat to make it feel like a home. In June I had a trip planned and thought it would be really fun to bring a kitten home from one of the local farms surrounding the area I was visiting. On the night before heading home I grabbed a number from one of the numerous ads at the local Co-op; and that evening headed to the farm.

The elderly family greeted me warmly and their niece agreed to showing me some kittens. When we got to the barn the little girl warned me that the kittens were not that friendly. We tried for about an hour trying to catch one of the little balls of fluff with no luck. I sat on one of the many post for a quick rest when a cat came up to me. She rubbed my legs and meowed for attention; but it was a weird meow and I could tell she was not well.

I leaned down to pet her and saw she had no fur on her legs. Surprised I asked the little girl what was wrong with the cat and without missing a beat she informed me she was dying. I excused myself and went and called my Mom telling her that I couldn't get a kitten but was thinking of saving the cat. My Mom told me that I could get a kitten from somewhere else but she knew me well enough to know that I would always wonder what happened
to the cat. I went back to the guest house thinking over what I was going to do.

The next morning I called the farm asking them if I could have the young sick cat. She agreed saying that they were going to shoot the cat but she was so friendly that they hoped she would pull through. Later that day I went and picked her up; the whole drive home she was quiet and in the light of the day I saw the extent to her sickness. I was determined to help her though, I knew she caught my attention at the farm for a reason so before I headed home I stopped at the vet.

As soon as the vet saw Aleana, I named her on the way there, she was skeptical. At one point she actually told me that I didn't want this cat; but being stubborn I declared that I was all Aleana had.

In a conclusion of 4 vet visits we found Aleana was literally being eaten alive by parasites. They gave her a 10% chance of pulling through and I was determined. Every morning I had to bath her, dry her, ointment her, give her a pill and repeat in the evening. She had Fleas, Lice, Ear Mites a Yeast infection in her ears, Sarcoptic Mange, Walking Dandruff and a Tapeworm. With her spaying she costed me just over 1000$ but has paid me back in love and perfection

Comment from Kate (site owner)
great story veronica. So I assume she has pulled through, how is she now?

A kitty saved
by: Anonymous

GREAT story ! YOU have a heart ! I can't understand how it's possible to ignore a suffering animal like this farmers did !
Congratulations for saving the kitty !
by: Anonymous

aww that's sad but i hope she pulled through..

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by: Adventure kitty

Thank you for saving that poor thing my cat (adventer kitty) was only a kitten she got ran over but I have browny and snowflake bless you

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