The Cats aren't getting along.

by Michelle
(Chicago, IL)

My 7 year old female cat and I moved into a home (a large home) with my new roommate and her 7 year old Male cat over a month ago. We did everythign by the book when it came to intrigrating them. (Kept the separate, let them play under the door, 2 liter pans, 2 food dishes, etc.)

My cat (whose new) is completely confident, cuddly with everyone, and comfortable. Her cat (whose lived here his whoel life) has changed dramatically. He used to cuddle all of the time and now he's become obsessed with certain spots in the house and he never wants to be held and he's obsessed with following my cat around. He's just acting weird. He won't even sleep with my roommate anymore. He sleeps in this weird spot on the stairs by himself almost all day and all night. When he's not doing that he follows my cat around constantly. It's obsessive. And my cat takes it for awhile but then she gets annoyed and lashes out. And I get it, because I'd be annoyed too. I have noticed she can be bossy though. So I've been trying to keep her from batting at him with a water.

I feel really bad because my roommate has pretty much lost her buddy. What can we do to help her cat calm down and stop obsessing? Will this get batter over time? How long do we wait before I find a new home?

Michelle and Kitty Killaine

Answer by KAte
yes it does sound like you did a lot of things right when you first introduced them but you left one step out. The step where you allow them to be together but with one cat in a see through cage. Then alternate the process and repeat over a week or so. This process allows the cats to get to know each other without the fear of attack etc.

It may still be worth giving this process a go, it can take a little time and effort but may help to calm the cat down enough to be able to relax more into his old self again.

the process is described in more detail here

best wishes kate

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