The vets don't know what is wrong!

by Mich

My roommate's cat has been acting strange for the past 2 months. It started after she escaped and went outside one night. We could not find her for an hour, then we heard a loud cat scream and found her a few minues later sitting near a bush. That night her stomach was making a lot of noise, but she seemed like her normal self. A few days later we noticed a weird bump on her side. The vet said it is a fat deposit. A few weeks passed and she began to whimper a bit when picked up. She was fine other than that. A few weeks ago it got worse. We thought it was her hips because she cries when you touch near them and she walks a bit like she is limping. However, she now cries almost any time you move her. The only time she really doesn't cry is if you pet her face. She sleeps all day and night. She has been to see two vets and they cannot figure out what is wrong. She has had an x-ray and all looks good. She eats and defecates normally. There are some moments when she acts normal and will sit in your lap and she always loves to be pet on the face/head. She just does not socialize like she used to. She stays in the same room almost all day. She comes out sometimes late at night... she does not play with her toys anymore. What could be wrong??

Answer by Kate
This is very odd indeed. her symptoms definitely suggest that she is in some pain of discomfort in some way but if an xray and examinations are showing nothing I am at a bit of a loss to suggest what it is.

She is either in pain in some way or she is transferring the fear she felt that night into being touched or picked up. All i can say is that if it were me and she really did yell when she was picked up, I would take her to another vet explain everything and ask them to either do more tests or to keep her in under observation for a night or two. Now this will not be cheap i'm afraid unless you have cat insurance.

Can anyone else suggest a possibly cause or experienced something similar?

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