Theres something wrong with my cat Nala

by Chris
(Seattle, WA)

This isn't Nala, she looks like a mess here!

This isn't Nala, she looks like a mess here!

The last two days or more she's been moving rather slow, laying in cool places (She’s a long hair) not eating and drinking from time to time and hasn't used the potty in a while. What’s going on with her, she use to belly ache and suck up all the time. I took her to the vet but we don't have the kind of money their asking, they did give me two cans of cat food to help encourage her to eat; she ate half of one can and now I can't get her to eat at all!. She needs to get looked at, we have three cats and they all have fleas and there all in door cats.

We went to the store and bought some of that stuff you drop on their skin to kill the fleas and eggs and its working but my Nala hasn't perked up at all, she actually seems worse! :( Can anyone help point in the right direction on what could be causing this, I thought maybe she had eaten a flea that was caring something but now I don't even know!

Well thank goodness you are now treating your cats for fleas. I say this because fleas can carry bacteria which can cause cats to become ill. Also if your cat has lots of fleas they are feeding on her blood and this can make them anaemic which can make them feel unwell and become weak etc. This may be what has happened with your cat. However if this is the case or
not, once a cat stops eating it is time to seek professional help. This is because when a cat stops eating for more than a few days there is something very wrong and in which case the only way to treat is with proper diagnosis of the problem and then medicine which you cannot buy over the counter.
So I’m sorry but I do feel that you need to try and get her to see a vet again. I don’t know what tests they wanted to carry out probably a blood test to see what is going on. This is the very least that should be done. Once the results are back you can then discuss with the vet all the options. It may be something that does not require much treatment but which is necessary for her to get back to health.
By the way I will mention that not all the spot on treatment d for fleas are as good as each other. Generally the cheaper ones are not as affective and the fleas can return. Whereas treatments such as frontline and advantage keep the cat’s flea free. Also have you treated your home for fleas? If not you have to do that also, otherwise fleas will continue to re-infest your cat and even if they can’t live on them any more will continue to bite and breed.

Please see my page about how best to treat our home and also a page with more information about fleas and why they need to be kept in check.

flea treatments

Best wishes Kate

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I took her to the vet twice!
by: Chris

It doesn't look good Kate,the first place didn't do much to help but this other place did a great job. He found a mass next to her kidneys, they took blood and gave her liquid. They also noticed soars and tarred teeth and her breath smelt like urine. I'm really hoping for the best but I have a really bad feeling the putting her down may be the best means for her. :(

My fingers are crossed that it is not though!

Comment for Kate
so sorry to hear that but it does sound like you have a better vet working for you and your cat now. So lets hope they can sort it out.

best wishes kate

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