This cat has a strange behavior.

by elizabeth guilliouma
(canton ohio USA)

Hello, I have a young male neutured all white cat, that I found in my patio in 2008. I really did not wanted to keep him, since I have 5 other cats to begin with. I ended up keeping him anyway. I had him using the litter and etc. and seems normal at that time. The only thing that he kept doing, was trying to suck on me, knowing that he was taken away from his mother too soon. But, this past July, I noticed, that he was laying in the patio, acting like he was getting sick. I thought it was the cold or coming down with feline leukima. I took him to the vet, and everything was o.k. He started acting strange and quit using the kitty litter, like he did'nt know how to use it. He seems not to realized that he is going to the bathroom. He is so obese and can't clean himself. When I pick him up, he shakes and seems to have trouble seeing as to where he is going. I am taking him back to the vet tomorrow. What do you thik it is? I feel so bad for him, but I cannot keep him the house.This is the most strangest case I have ever seen. Do you thik he was born like this or what? Thank You Elizabeth Guilliouma

Answer by KAte
No I think there is some health issue going on here. It may have something to do with being so over weight.

It is difficult to diagnose what this could be, neurological? digestive issue, bowel issue, anxiety? Any of these things could be playing a part here.

You are doing the right thing by taking him to the vets. Hopefully your vet will be able to do some tests to try and find out what the problem is. I am also guessing that he will advise you about trying to get the cat to lose some weight too. I have a page here on the site which you may find of further information about weight issue with cats

Hope he is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Commenting on sick cat ?
by: Anonymous

I just found out today my cat Tigger has primary hyperparathyroidism. His calcium level is way low and his temperature is way high. The vet/hospital sent him home Wednesday still with a temp and low calcium levels because I had no more money to give. I just took him to my BF'S vet and his temp is high again and his calcium is way low. The vet/hospital that charged me over $3400 to not help my cat was not giving him the right amount of vitamin D and never gave me the calcium which was given to him in an IV, he sent me home with an antibiotic and a vitamin D but no calcium but said what he gave me was calcium. So my cat came home and is getting sicker after $3400 because he has no calcium med's anymore and vitamin D and antibiotics. But remember the med I was sent home is calcium not according to the new vet treating him. How bull is that?
Comment from KAte
I'm afraid not all vets are created equal and I have heard some bad stories concerning some of te bigger vet practices.

I dont know what to say, my heart goes out to you. Kate

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