Three of Four Week Old Kitten

Hi, I am "babysitting" a three or four week old kitten for a friend who found it abandoned in a barn. I'm assuming the mother cat left the kitten because it is missing one back paw (not the leg). We have been keeping the kitten warm and feeding it condensed milk from a dropper. My question is that it hasn't seemed to urinate yet. Do we still need to stimulate its "movements" at three weeks or so? Also, I've noticed its anus looks swollen and scabbed. Is this a serious condition that needs immediate care? I am trying to convince the new owner to take the kitten to a vet but he is a teenage boy so I'm not too optimistic about that. Sorry for all the questions!!!

Answer by Kate
Hi well a very young kitten liken this does need a lot and i mean a lot of care and attention and yes you are right it does need to see a vet. it is quite possible that it may have either genetic problems (being the runt) or flea issues or worms etc etc the list could go on. being a feral kitten it would have been exposed to mites and fleas and this could be the reason for the sore behind.

yes at this age it will still have not fully got control of its bowels etc and would still need some stimulation from you as the mother cat would still have been doing this.

it will also need special food as it would not have got the protective nutrients from it's mother s milk which is vital for such a young kitten.

The very best thing is to definitely take it to the vets to have a through check up, this way you will know exactly what you are dealing with and will be able to help the kitten in the best way.

i do have lots of pages about kitten care on this site which you may also find useful. here is the first page with the others in the top right hand menu.

I wish you every success with your little kitten and i do hope the owner will allow a vet visit very soon.

best wishes Kate

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