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My cat throws up 3-4 times a day, since 2 days ago. Most of the vomit is dry food and sometimes a confetti from New Year's. I'm thinking that he ate something disagreeable, but I doubt it's the food because he's been eating the same brand for awhile. He acts normal besdies throwing up, he drinks water, eats food, plays, cuddles, sleeps, ect. I just want to know if that should be a big concern or not.

Also, the vet gave us anti biotic pills for him to swallow. After swallowing it he seems to choke a little and than hes fine. We give him plenty of water, so maybe he just isn't the cat to be swaolling pills and we should fine a eatable medicine?

He is an indoor kitten (6 months) and he lives with his sister who has no problems. We've had them for a little over 2 months.

Thank You
I'm looking forward to hearing you answer.

Answer by Kate
well I don't like the sound of him throwing up confetti etc, it could be possible that he swallowed something else at the same time which is still in his stomach and could be causing these problems, you never know even the dye from the paper may have affected him.
Being only 6 months old their tummies are more delicate and can get upset easily.

Also due to his age I would recommend that you give him mainly wet kitten food and only small amounts about four to five times a day. Often kittens can eat to much too quickly which causes them to be sick. My own cat was like this. So we gave her small portions more often through out the day and the problem stopped.

As for the pill, crush it down and mix it in with the wet food, this is often the best way to get them to take their medicine as getting them to swallow a pill can sometimes be tricky.

If after trying the different food regime for a week of more things don't change you should really get him back to the vets just in case he did swallow something he shouldn't have.

best wishes Kate

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Golf Ball
by: Sue

One of our cats was throwing up right after she ate. My solution was to put a golf ball right in the middle of her food. It slowed her down but she was still able to get what she needed.
Just thought I'd mention it!

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