tiger our neutered tom

by teri wines
(glendale az, us)

We have 2 male cats both fixed the one keeps we think now that he is trying to mount the other cat we at first thought they were fighting they are bothers, I noticed that tiger was maybe having a issue taking a shit but then I noticed his little thing I think is stuck out, He doesnt want ot move help me .

Well it is difficult to say what the issue is here as your description is rather vague.

Sometimes male cats even neutered ones will sometimes try to mount each other in a sort of simulated mating way. this is caused due to instinct and a sort of memory of mating. Sometimes it is caused by confusion when female cats around and trigger this memory due to their scent. Sometimes it is due to a hormone imbalance which the vet can medicate for.

All i can say is this. Keep an eye on him over the next day or so and see if their are other symptoms or problems. Perhaps a problem with urination etc. If there are other symptoms then a trip to your vets is your best option.

hopefully this is just a short lived behavioral issue which some males cats do go through from time to time. Sort of the joys of spring issue maybe.

best wishes kate

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