by Maranda

Tigerlilly my cat

Tigerlilly my cat

My TigerLilly is such a sweet and love able cat. She followed my niece and nephew up to my house from the road. They both begged me to take in the tiny kitten. I got her washed up and fell in love with her. My husband and I call her our little girl. She is sassy and loves to play with toys. We wanted her to get to have kittens because my niece and nephew asked me if she could. I gave in and she had three babies. Unfortunately one died. It was the saddest thing. My husband and I had to run to town and while we was gone she had them in the house. We got back and there she was in her bed and two babies was fine but she was licking the dead one. My husband took it and buried the little thing and she cried. She was so upset. I felt so bad for her. I took her to our bed room and she got in the box with her babies. Every once in awhile she would go in the room she had her babies in, and she would search for the one that died.

While she was nursing Orange Juice and Splash she got pregnant again. I did not think this would happen so quick. There is just a few months between them. We let her have them and this time she had only two and both made it. We named them Fire and Fusha. They are now 3 months.

After the babies was born we took TigerLilly and her daughter Splash and got them both spade. She is back to her playful self. She loves her four babies. She is a wonderful mother and takes care of all four. She is a wonderful baby.


I bet it broke your heart when your cat was looking for her dead kitten. Cats really do suffer grief, perhaps not in the same way as we do, but they certainly do feel some loss.

Unfortunately many people don’t realize just how quickly a female cat can get pregnant after giving birth, it is probably one of the reasons for so many kittens being born. Any way you did the right thing once you found out. Sounds like you have a lovely little family there. But do consider having your males neutered too. They could be causing other unwanted pregnancies elsewhere. It will also mean they will be less territorial and spray a lot less.

Thank you for sharing your story

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It is with great sadness
by: Maranda

It is with great sadness that I tell you TigerLilly's baby Fire died. She was so little and did not run around like the other cats. We just thought she was not as active. She got sick Friday and we took her to the vet. Fire had a high fever and they told us her liver shut done. We cried and held her tight. The vet told us that she would not make it that night. That she was born with bad liver. My husband and I made the decision to have her put down. We held her as she went to heaven and told her we would be there one day with her. Just to wait for us and her cat Mom, cat Dad, and her three siblings.

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