Tigger and fur loss

by karen
(west midlands)



my kitten is 7 months old got bold spot on back neck red and sore .keeps scratching it makes it bleed ,been bathing with slighty salted water, looks very clean until scratchs again.what can i use

Answer by KAte
This looks nasty.

Have you treated him for fleas? Some cat collars can cause this too.

i have a web page about fur loss etc which should be able to give you some further advice here


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Sore on kitty's neck
by: Anonymous

I've had more experience than I want to have had with ringworm in rescue cats? Does anyone think that's what it is? Suspiciously round and crusty on the edges...I hope for your sake that it is just an allergic reaction. I had a small kitten that had an icky sore on her neck, helped a little with topical antiobiotics, but not healing as fast as I would expect. It turned out to be a little parasitic larvae of a fly (I can't spell it), but it had to be surgically removed.

tea tree oil toxic to cats
by: Anonymous

I'd read Tea Tree OIL is deadly for cats. Please avoid its use with cats.

I'd bn told to use tea tree oil once for a 90# dog's leg wound--only as a SCENT DETERRENT to stop chronic wound licking as dogs will do. And, then apply it only atop bandaging, never directly on the skin. Dogs tolerate Tea Tree Oil BUT, for cats, its toxic to them.

I use Vitamin E for any skin wounds/irritations/itchy spots my dogs and cats might acquire. It heals skin within days depending the severity. If ingested from licking it, it is not harmful to them.
It's thickness prevents air causing burning sensations in wounds.
My daughter while young, picked up a yet red hot fire sparkler that had just gone out, there ws a visible long burn across the palm of her hand, I put Vitamin E on right away and, there ws not any mark visible on her palm by the next morning. IOW, Vitamin E is indispensible with burns too. Works equally well on humans, even on 'zits'!

by: karen

thank you for reply kate.i shall get him some cream and keep you posted how hes doing,, once again thanks for advice.

by: karen

thank you for your quick reply...yes treated him for fleas. and you may be right about flea collar i did get him one he really suffered with fleas so got him collar but that made him scratch alot round neck area so had to take off..that pic does look worse then it is ,ive just bathed it and doesnt look so red now, just seen tea tree skin antiseptic cream for cats ,dogs! what do you think would that be any good for him so do i try and keep it dry with antisecptic talc ?

Answer by Kate
yes if you can keep the wound dry it should help it to heal but make sure he does not lick the cream off too much. Lets hope it will heal soon.


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