tiny kitten acting WEIRD

by Ashley
(Smithfield, NC)

i've had these 3 little kittens for about 2 weeks now. my boyfriend found them stranded on a job site. although when we got them they all three looked fairly healthy. one kitten in particular is the runt. She's always acted a little funny since day one. the other two kittens play together and run around and have a good time. but the other little kitten (i'm not sure how old they are but they all have little teeth now but they're like really young) kind of keeps to it self. looks like it's going to die when it's just sitting there. but if you pick her up she purrs some and will meow and she does eat. i try to feed all of them about the same amount. but she's just not really getting any bigger and the other two are growing good. what could possibly be wrong?! because like i said she eats real good but it seems like she's getting worse. we give them store bought milk that is for kittens but my boyfriend lately has been trying to feed them some wet kitten food. could this be it? but like i said she's always acted a little funny. could it be something mental?? is she retarded?!?! PLLLEEAAASSSEEEE help me, around where I stay the closest shelther puts ALL cats and kittens down. i don't want her to die. please helP!!!!!!

p.s. also one thing i notice is that she shakes her head more than the others.....

Answer by Kate
well if she is the runt then it is always possible that she may have something wrong with her. But I am not a vet and no one can really tell you what the problem. The best thing you can do is to find a vet and get her checked out. Kittens can be prone to illnesses especially if they were taken away from their mum too early. In fact all your kittens probably need a good looking at by a vet, he will also be able to advise about vaccinations etc for them all.

Looking after kittens is a real responsibility and vet care will have to be high on your priorities.

i wish you every success with your new furry family.
best wishes kate

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Just a suggestion
by: Anonymous

Hi,firstly well done for taking those little guys in and looking after them.. im not a vet and this is just a thought im throwing out there.. but it could be possible the kitten has worms maybe..? It is a good idea to worm all 3 of them at the same time, hard to know what age they are seen as though you found them abandoned whicj is sad (perhaps the mother washit by a car or picked up by the council and couldn't return to her babies!) Who knows.. but anyway kittens can be wormed from as young as 2wks old and there after again at 4wk 6wks 8wks then 12wks (im pretty sure, u may wanna double check that though!) Also if u are worried about her, there is always the option of a surrogate mother cat that is also nursing, may take the little one/s in as her own, maybe ring your local rspca or vet for any help or advice to point you in the right direction to give the little takkers the best chance to thrive & survive! Good luck I wish u all the best and I hope the runt picks up soon and they all grow big strong and healthy!!

I'm sorry about your little kitten
by: Teresa

I am not a vet, but one thing I know, you should never feed kittens store bought milk. The best thing to feed them is formula for kittens, because it is the closest thing to their mother's milk. The fact that the little one isn't getting any bigger worries me. I'm sorry, but that probably isn't a good sign. Please get him/her to a vet very soon. Also, it would be a good idea to take the other kittens too. I really hope that everything turns out well with the kittens. You and your boyfriend are doing a great thing by taking care of these kittens. You are both very sweet. Good Luck!!!

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