Tom...What a boy

by Gemma
(Cardiff UK)

Having previousley re homed a cat, I worked full time and started to feel that maybe she would appreciate other feline company, as I found her getting very very clingy, I didnt mind her being demanding because I worked hard with her to get her to trust me, I just felt she would be happier with another.

So I rang the place I got Lucy and heard Tom's Story, A 14 year old male.Tom was found in a bad way, in the snow.He had been stray for many years but was fed by an elderly lady who had died two weeks before, although the family knew of him,the feeding stopped and the rescue centre was phoned when he was still hanging about and being noisy!! He wasnt a well boy at all when he was taken in, his teeeth were bad and they all needed removing, he was very thin too.I decided to take him without meeting him, and he was even delivered that same day!, no wonder...this little man was the loudest moggy I had ever come across, the words of the rescue lady "I will warn you, he is mouthy", just did not prepare me for what I was in for.
From day one he was adorabley affectionate, aggressivley affectionate!!...This guy jumps onto your bed at night and bashes you with his paw until you let him in, and if you are asleep, he will bash till you are awake.Tom dribbles LOTS, Tom walks around talking to himself, and if your about, you.You can have a conversation with him, if he doesnt get his own way he will walk off protesting!..Tom also likes to use the doorstep as a scratcher (considerate of him I thought) but this means it takes him a full 5 mins to let him out, as he has to scratch for 3, say goodbye to you for 1, then use the last minute to check his reflection in the glass before shooting off to find mice.
It was a rocky few months getting them to make friends, but they now love each other and lucy is far less clingy, they sleep near each other and play most days, I just think she wishes he would shut up from time to time!! However, he maybe loud, but I wouldnt be a day without him.

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