Tried everything to get the kitty to stop peeing

by Caroline
(New Jersey)

My daughter has a five year old neutered female indoor cat, as well as a six year old neutered male cat. When they got Susie at the shelter four years ago, my daughter noticed only when checking out that she had a peeing problem, but by then she and her husband had fallen in love with her so that was that!

Susie has such a peeing problem that my daughter has finally had to restrict her to just one room, or otherwise she pees. They have a 2 year old and a 3 month old baby, and both parents work, so the kitty is getting very little socialization, even with the other cat, who is free to roam the house (like Susie used to do). But there is a bigger problem: when Susie gets out of her room, she piddles - on rugs, on furniture, on clothing, shoes, etc. Besides ruining their things, it's not healthy for the children. They've just about had it! Nine has been checked out by the vet on several occasions and has been on tranquilizers but to no avail. Susie is not declawed so she could be an outdoor cat, but they live in the country and they know there are fox and other predators around.

They hate to think of putting Susie down but who would pick her at a shelter? Would it be better for them to be the ones to have her put down, rather than at a shelter after languishing in a wire cage? What about letting her be an outside cat and take her chances? What about wintertime?

Help please!

you have had her checked by a vet and there are no physical reasons for her incontinence, it can only be put down to behavior and in this case extreme anxiety on the cats part.

if even calming methods have not worked it does suggest to me that this cat would either by happier living in a one cat home or as a free to roam outside cat where she can get away from children and other animals etc.

I really don't think that she needs to be put down because she is a nervous cat
she just needs to find a place where she is happy.

I live in the Uk where we have foxes etc and most cat owners here including myself have always allowed our cats the freedom to go outside. So this decision is yours depending on your own circumstances.

i know that there are animal shelters around that will take cats to be re homed in the US where there is a no kill policy "cat house on the kings is one but of course they may not be near you. but it could be worth finding out if there are others nearby yourself.

From what I have read I really do think your cat would be happier living elsewhere. Some cats just don't get on with lots of noise etc and thats just the way they are.

I hope you can find a solution for your cat, it does sound like she is unhappy as she is desperately and constantly urinating to try and make herself feel comfortable at home using her scent.

best wishes kate

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