true meaning to the term scared sh**less!

by Monica Sizemore
(Baltimore, MD)


I rescued a persian cat that was in very poor condition. Her hair was so severely matted, that it took the vets 2 hours to shave her and the mats wieghed 1 lb!
I have had her for over 2 weeks now, and she seems to have some issues. She had very loose stools when I first took her in. She now has solid poop, but her litter box knowledge seems minimal. She would not use one at first. I then confined her to a bathroom with a litter box containing "cat attract" litter. As long as she is in the small bathroom, she uses the box, but when she is free, she does not. Whats worse is a very strange issue.

I have another cat that I have kept seperate from this one in general. I have begun to introduce them by feeding them at the same time and in the same room. They eat at the same time, about 6 feet from each other just fine. My other cat always eventually attacks the new kitty though and every time, she immediately poops herself. A Lot of poop just almost falls out of her in a split second, as soon as the other cat touches her. If he chases her and gets her a couple of times or backs her into a corner, the poop will be in a few spots, wherever she was pounced on by the other cat. Have you ever heard of this and is there something I can do??? Ps. she seems to have gas too.


Answer by Kate
Oh dear sound slike you have a very truamatized cat there. Goodness knows what she went through in her previous home etc.

Well regarding the poop i would say yes she is so sacred that she is pooping herself. I haven't come across it myself but it makes sense.

My only advice is that this cat may have suffered for years and may be extreamely nervous etc and I'm afraid a few weeks just won't be enough time to retrain her ie with the litter tray and to get her confidence again. I fear it could take a very long time. the only answer is perserverance and a lot of little steps. So repeat the litter training again and agin until she gets used to the litter tray. during this time also introduce her to the other cat supervised and prefereably with one of them in a carrier so that they can get used to each other without actually coming to blows. See my page about introducing cats under the training pages.

i really wish you all the luck in the world i think you will have your work cut out here i'm afrai but i'm sure it will be worth it for both of you in the long run..

best wishes Kate

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