tub instead of litter box



Answer by Kate
There are several possible reasons for this. either your cat does not feel comfortable using your particular litter box, i.e wrong place, wrong litter, other cat smells etc if you have other cats that also use the same litter tray.


Your cat is generally feeling insecure about his home and is feeling the need to scent mark other areas.


your cat is suffering from a urinary infection which can sometimes make them urinate in different place (my own cat chose the bath tub when she was ill like this

my best advice is to ask you to read my pages about cat urination issues and see if any of the information there can shed some more light on the situation.

here is the first page

best wishes Kate

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Tub instead of litterbox
by: Mary

Hello Gene
I read your post to the site and wanted to reply as I have worked with many cats in the last 12 years and seen this behaviour with alot of rescues and even with a couple of my personal cats.

I have a cat name Zippy.
She was a rescue that came to me 2 years ago.
Upon settling into her new cozy, comfy home with several "always clean" litter boxes available, I noticed she was going to my tub instead of ANY of the boxes.
First, I had her checked by the vet to emilinate a medical reason for her behaviour.
Then I decided that being she was once a stray and had "trust issues", maybe she was afraid to go into a litterbox that the other cats used for fear of being attacked by the other kittys.

So, I tried an experiment that WORKED.
I bought a checp litter box that had never been used bu another cat and filled it with an {un-sented litter) and put it in a spare bedroom and placed her in there alone for a few days.
Of course, I went in regular and played with her and cuddled with her but I gave her some alone time to feel "safe again".
Guess what? She used her box faithfully.
I then put HER box in a nice quiet corner where she could go back to it in the future and took her and showed her where it was located and opened the door to allow her full house roaming again. She has been going to her box ever since.

This technique has worked for other cats as well.
It is worth a try and if this fails then you have to seek other possibilities as to why she feels this is her needed place to eliminate
Kates site offers many good suggestions.
I wish you well with your kitty and hopefully this helps.


Comment by Kate
thank you Mary for your very helpful contribution. It is always good to get as many real experiences on the site as it helps to build a very useful and friendly community.

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