two cats, an intruder, and piles of poo

by Yolanda

We have two 11-year old cats, a brother and sister who are both largely indoor cats though happy to go outside, and one (or both?) of them has recently started pooing in the kitchen and sitting room. This seems to coincide with a neighbour's cat having found a way to open our magnetic catflap in the kitchen (despite not having a magnet on her collar) and coming in to steal their food. We assume this is what is upsetting our cat(s), but we're at a loss as to what to do, given that we don't know how to keep the neighbour's cat out but still enable ours to access outdoors, and we don't know which of our cats is the middening one – or indeed whether it may be neither of them, but the intruding cat doing it. Any suggestions would be very gratefully received,


Answer by Kate
yes you are right it is probably because another cat came into the house as this is usually the cause of Middening. the trouble is that to cure the problem your ill have to make sure the other cat cannot get into the house and that they have not scented outside the cat flap door. Please read my page about Middening it also suggests about how you can make your cat feel secure again. It can take some time I'm afraid.

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