Two Faced Cat

Okay I having been watching my friend's cat since about November or October and at first she hid under a chair and would hiss at us and I knew that she did that because she was scared because we were new to her. After a week or two she started coming around and she had been fine for the past few months. Now though for the past couple weeks she has been acting strange by hissing at us and hiding again and just acting how she did when she first moved in here. I just don't understand what is going on with her. Also we have had 3 other cats the whole time she has been living with us so I don't think that would be a factor, but I just thought I would mention it.

Thank you sooo much =]

Answer by Kate
Whenever a cats behaviour changes there s always a reason for it and not just them being difficult etc. So the trick is to find what has changed or happened which may have caused the cat to feel fearful. Unfortunately this can range from a strange smell like a new perfume or aftershave to a totally unrelated loud noise like a car back firing etc.

Whatever the cause the only way to cure the problem is to let the cat learn to trust you again on her terms and time scale. Please read my page about bonding with a cat which will give some ideas on how to do this. here is the page

best wishes Kate

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