Uncontrollable adult cat pooping

by Annabella
(Bay City)

My cat is about three years old, and has in the past two weeks, uncontrollable diahrhea. He doesn't seem to know that he's doing it either. He's just walking, and then a little nugget drops out, then we have to clean his butt up. At first, a little more than two weeks ago by now, his nuggets were hard. That continued for about a week, then he had a bad weekend were diarrhea just squeezed out of him if you held him. We had taken him to a vet a few days before that happened and got some pills. After that bad weekend, he seemed like he was fine. We had to go out of town for almost a week, and left him at a friends house. He laid a couple nuggets there, but no diarrhea. But these last two days he's started up again with the hard nuggets, and about twenty minutes ago left a really big, wet turd on the floor. We don't know what to do, PLEASE help us.

Answer by KAte
well this does not sound like Middening which is a behavioral issue. It does sound more like he has some physical illness. It could be that he has constipation which can also cause bouts of diarrhea, this happens as the stomach etc is trying to regulate itself.

If it were me I would take him back to the vets to make sure there were nothing else which could be causing these symptoms.

Your cat may need a period of being kept in one room with his litter tray for a few days while treatment is given. this will also help to keep the cat relaxed and not stressed about his symptoms etc.

I do have a page about cat constipation which you may find of further help.



I hope the vet can sort him out soon it must be distressing for your cat as well.

best wishes Kate

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