Uncontrollable Kitten!

My kitten is 2 months old. She is CRAZY hyper! I know everyone keeps saying it's because she's a kitten and that'll she will grow out of it. But it is to a point I can't sleep at night or do anything. At night she will scratch and bite me. During the day she will run around so fast, jump on things and fall, play with her litter,and keep on jumping on me while clawing. What can I do to calm her down?? Please help!

Answer by Kate
yes this is how kittens can be. I have two who have always been difficult at night time i ended up having to keep them in their own room over night.

You need to make sure that your kitten has plenty to keep her amused and occupied so that she doesn't rely on you for fun and games all the time. there are all sorts of different types of toys which are designed to mimic the cats own instincts. Please see may pages on the different sorts here


She needs things to climb, attack, hunt and chase.

If you feel that her behavior is a particularity hyper then you could have her checked by a vet but as i say its probably that you have a very active and energetic kitten on your hands which will over time slow down but it can take some time.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

We recently adopted a kitten who is beyond hyper. He climbs our legs, walks between our feet constantly, (we're always tripping over him), climbs on our necks and bites our ears, glasses hair, chin. He never seems to sleep. We love him so much, he has a ton of toys but he seems to prefer us. Our other cat refuses to come in the house anymore because he tries to play with her, hissing doesn't intimidate him. Any suggestions??

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