unruly kitten

by Kandy Partyka
(Saint Robert, Mo)

Mom and adopted son

Mom and adopted son

We have a cat that's been a part of our family for the past 3 1/2 to 4 years. She is a loving lap cat. Lately she has been slowing down in just about every activity that she used to love. Our children love her to death and wanted her to have a friend. My wife and I went to a shelter and rescued a 10 week old male kitten. The first few days, it went as expected...cat laying down the law, kitten submitting, etc...

He was shown the Litter Box the first day in the home. He used it every time he had to go. We never had a problem. Our female at took on the mother role, teaching, caring and cleaning him.

2 weeks went by and the male started pooping in front of the bedroom doors. over the next few days, pooping on the stairs leading into the basement (he had to pass the litter box to get to the stairs). No matter how much we clean the areas and spray them down with the best carpet and upholstery urine and spray eliminating detergents, he continues to do poop wherever he wants. We have used detergents and sprays with a high citrus/lemony smell with no success. If we catch him heading down the hall or to the stairs and yell his name, he runs into the litter box and does his business. For the past week plus, he's had the runs and the Vet prescribed medication isn't helping. We're going to take him back to our Vet and see if there
is anything else they can do about the runs.

What are we doing wrong? How do we get him to stop pooping Everywhere!
We've had him fixed and got him up to date on all his shot's and vaccinations.
If we can't fix this in the next two to three weeks...this kitten is going back to the shelter!

Answer by Kate
Sounds to me that there are two possible causes here. one he is is not feeling that well ie the runs and this can make cats behave out of character. Also he is still rather young and may need some more intensive litter training to help him get used to the litter tray.

the best way to try and sort this out is to follow the litter training procedure described on my web page here

You may have to repeat this process several times but it will help to get the kitten used to the litter tray and also not be exposed to the whole house so they won't be tempted to go elsewhere.

you are doing the right thing regarding visiting the vet again. Kittens can suffer from tummy troubles when they are young and it does need to be sorted out fairly quickly as they can go down rather quickly if you are not careful

i really do hope that the training can help and that also the vet can sort out the tummy troubles.

You sound like excellent owners and are providing a good home for your cats.

great picture, look at the mischief in those eyes!

best wishes Kate

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