unusual actions in male cat

by shari
(phx az usa)

my male cat has never been outside but recently he found the doggy door and he is going out and coming back in but today he started this really loud meow and grabs a hold of my sweater by the sleeve and bites down on it with a death grip and wont let go but continues to bite while moewing loud he can have a grip for as long as 5 minutes at a time lets go to get another grip he has never acted like this before but doesnt want to stop i pet him and love him while he is acting like this but nothing seems to help what is causing this to happen please help i have small children i watch and he has never behaved like this and im afraid to let him out of the room and dont want to keep him locked up so to speak but dont want him to lock on to one of them

Answer by Kate
Hi, you didn't mention if he was neutered or not. I say this as his behaviour does sound rather similar to that of a male cat trying to mate.

the other possibility is that he is now experiencing a whole new world were his natural instincts for hunting and protecting his territory has been stimulated.

I would say that if he has not been neutered that you do this straight away, not just to calm your cat down but to prevent un wanted pregnancies to other cats in the area.

If he is neutered and this is just behavioural then you will have to be much firmer with him and when he bites don't stroke him (this is a positive reaction ie he will do it again) Instead you will have to get up, so that eh has to let go and walk away from him immediately, you should also remain silent while you do this 9this is a negative reaction) and the more times you do this he will learn that this does not get a good reaction and should stop doing it. Similarly when he is good talk to him and give him lots of love ie you are re affirming good behaviour with a positive reaction.

I have writtien more about cat discipline here https://www.our-happy-cat.com/cat-discipline.html

best wishes kate

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