Update On Byron's Health

by Kate

Byron sitting on the sun deck

Byron sitting on the sun deck

Well Byron came home yesterday after spending two nights at the vets hospital. The trouble is that the vet does not really know what could be wrong with him. The test results for pancreatitis ended up coming back negative so he has ruled that out.

So we are none the wiser, we have no idea why he has lost weight, although the vet seems to think that his weight is not an issue at this point, why he is not eating properly and why he was in pain. I say was in pain but we suspect he is still in some discomfort and will be giving him pain meds this week (if we can get him to eat).

He was so happy to be home and couldn't wait to get outside after his two days of confinement. He looked bright and seemed to be fine but when we offered him food he didn't want any of it. We tried all of the three flavors of Felix food he normally likes, we tried a very posh food called Sheba and we tried his favorite treats, all of which he turned his nose up.

We later found out he visited one of our neighbors and ate there, so we are going to buy the same food they had which was Science dry food.

Today he still does not want to eat and drank only some milk from my cereal bowl and now he is sleeping in the garden. We have not been able to give him the pain meds as he has not eaten so I suspect he may be in some discomfort.

Yes I am still worried and we will have to keep a close eye on him over the next few days. I want to see him eat a hearty meal at home and then I might be able to relax.

Thank you for all the kind words and emails I have had from concerned friends and wonderful site supporters. It really does help to know that we have your thoughts and prayers.

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by: Noorjahan

I'm so glad and relieved to hear that the previous diagnosis is false...I'm confident that he will get better soon and will eat like a king.I'll continue to ask God for Bryon's good health..I'm so glad that he is home with you..May God bless your family always

by: Kate

Thanks everyone for your best wishes. Byron is currently eating again now that we have bought some expensive food for him.

he is much better in himself and we are keeping a close eye on him to make sure he does not relapse.

Our other cat Shelley is definitely feeling a little left out but I'm sure he'll get over it now he too will be getting the expensive food too. :)

Glad to hear he is home again!
by: Ann and Andrew Cole (Spain)

Hi Kate,

We were pleased to read your update, though as perplexed as you are by the vet's diagnosis. Pleased to hear that it isn't pancreatitis though, which wouldn't have been good at all!

Hope that Byron behaved himself better at the vet's than our Piglet did the last time we had to take him in (with a suspected blockage somewhere in his digestive system). After a couple of nights he destroyed his pen totally and for good measure bit the vet when she went to give him his breakfast. She rang and told us to take him away. Tee Hee. When I got there she wouldn't even get him out of the pen and put him in the cat box - she made me do it! He just gave me an old fashioned look and came quietly. Have never seen a cat so glad to be home though. Since then he obviously has nightmares (which we still wonder are vet-related) and comes looking for reassurance.




by: Jenny

Cats can have mystery illness, recover and be fine without you ever knowing what the problem was. This happened to my cat Doris. She was obviously not well, wouldn't eat. She climbed into the airing cupboard in my daughter's room and spent 3 days there just sleeping. I thought she was going to die. Then on the 4th day, out she jumped, skinny as a rake, but better. Started eating again, slowly got better and put on weight and was fine.
Keeping fingers crossed that Byron will make full recovery. Best wishes, Kate, keep us all updated.xx

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