Urgent! Female cat leaking blood from vagina

by KC

14 yr old female cat, started leaving urine/blood drops about 14 hours ago. Puked once a day for last 3 days, I thought it was her hard food causing it, so I limited her hard food intake and gave her mostly wet food, bathroom activity was normal. Yesterday, gave her only wet food, then this started - went to the bathroom but had difficulty pooping - poop was very smelly. I'm not sure if she's pooped since. She keeps going to her litter box, even though she just left it, but can't really pee. She wants to pee but can't, walks kinda funny like she's favouring her tummy/bladder, doesn't want to sit, knows she's leaking and is unhappy. Not crying, but is obviously uncomfortable. Seems to be getting worse - she's leaving more blood drops around and they seem to be mostly blood, the red colour is thicker. Now she's hiding under the bed. What do you think it could be? Can antibiotics help? What's a vet likely to do? Vets are so expensive and i want to know they'll actually help before I take her in. Thank you.

it could be a urinary infection. i had a female cat who had this problem for awhile.


yes she will be distressed by this as it may be uncomfortable as well as being unpleasant for her.

yes she does need to see a vet for medication and an examination.

Also you need to increase her water intake if it is a urinary infection. we did this my giving her mainly complete dry cat food which forced her to drink more and so prevented the condition from reoccurring.

The vet will do a routine check on her and if he does not fine anything which he feels may need further investigation ie lumps etc he will simply prescribe some medication for her. So it should be the standard cost of an examination plus the cost of some medication.

Hope she is better soon

best wishes Kate

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Kari~ cat urine blood
by: Anonymous

Hi Kari.
Vet concluded it might just b urine infection
So she's on pills. Within 3 days she should start to be better

She keeps going to litter but nothing happens. ..

You did the big blood test and they found nothing?

16 yr old female cat blood with liquid coming out of her private part
by: Jessica j

I found my 16 yr old cat on floor. .usually she's up on my bed.or In her cat bed.. As I was petting her I found her back feet wet. I looked to see what it was. I lifted her tail and I saw a liquid and blood coming out if her private area.
I called the vet right away.
Rushed to get there.
Vet examined her
Told me her kidney weren't in pain he didn't feel any lumps.
She was hydrated etc...
He wanted to do blood test though since her appetite was still good and she had no fever we decided to just get some can food. HILLS URGENT CARE A/D .
Some antibiotics and thus stuff called metcam . Though matcam side affects are vomiting loss of appetite and blood in stool. Don't know if I will give her that

What was the result with your cat?
by: Kari

My cat was going through the same but all tests showed nothing. But she was obviously uncomfortable. I'm wondering what the result was with your cat?

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