Urinating outside of litter box??

by Heather
(South Bend, IN)


I have had my male cat, Indy for 2 years now. He is a very friendly cat and normally sleeps above my head at night and even came around when we were in the living room even with Ace, our shepherd in the room. This summer we decided to get Ace a brother and got a small dog to be his companion. Ever since we got the dog, Titan, Indy has reverted to the bedroom and closet. He hardly ever comes out to spend time with us. He was still sleeping above my head until a few weeks ago. When I went to bed I found a random poo on my bed. I figured it was because I had rearranged where his box was and maybe he couldn't get to it so I ignored this fact and cleaned it up. Just last night I lay down in bed to smell a urine smell, you know the cat urine smell. I sniffed all over to discover it was on my husbands blanket, and his side of the bed. Now Titan does sleep in our bed, Ace on the floor next to the bed. This morning when Indy came out of the closet I picked him up and held him. I began to walk to sit down, and realized he was peeing on himself while I was holding him. I took him to the tub and bathed him because I didnt want him to sit and make more urine smelling areas. He is now still sitting in the bathroom next to the cupboard under the towel I dried him off with. Is there something wrong with my cat or
is he showing me that he is jealous?? Why is he just now showing these behaviors we have had Titan in our home for 3 months now, and he has used his box faithfully until the incident a month ago and then now last night. I just looked in his box and he has been pooping in it, so I know he can get in his box.

The dogs dont torment him to my knowledge, which is when we are present. However I have no clue about when we leave. Titan will often check Indy out and try to find him in the closet in the morning, Indy growels at him and he leaves. Indy is bigger than Titan so i have no clue why he fears him. Do you have any advice, I am afraid to say that even though I love Indy with all my heart, but if he continues to pee on my bed I may have to return him to the pound... in hope that a loving family can provide him another home. I dont want to give up on him too soon.

Answer by Kate
Hi Sounds to me like anxiety caused by the introduction of the new dog to the house.

can I suggest that you read my pages about this issue as they will be able to give you a fulller explanation on what the problem is and how to try and help your cat


Please do not be angry with your cat, this behavior is very common and is not done out of spite at all. My pages will be able to explain more.

best wishes KAte

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