urine problem with my cat

My cat is four years old. She uses her box for a few days then goes in front of the box. I clean real good and she still does the same thing. I clean the box at least twice a day and the litter is the same one I've always used since day one. She had an infection a year ago, but shows no sign of another one. Urine is not strong in order like it was when she had the infection..

Well as you know cats use their urine as a scent marker. It could well be that your cat is scenting the area in front of her box. Now why she is doing is is a harder thing to discover. Usually it is either due to illness or anxiety.

So it could be that your cat is feeling unwell again but is not showing other signs as of yet.

Does your cat eat wet or dry food? Also does she drink plenty of water? I ask this because i used to have a female cat who ate wet food but didn't drink at all because of this. She suffered from a year of urine and bladder infections before we discovered that by feeding her only top quality dry food which made her drink more. this stopped the infections.

Try not cleaning the litter out twice a day also. She may be scenting because she cannot smell herself in this area.

I have a web page about these sort of issue on my site which you may find of further help. There is also a procedure there which takes a cat through litter training again if anxiety is the possible cause. Here is the first page


best wishes kate

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