urine problem

by Kayla
(Rhode Island)

My cat has been peeing on softer areas, carpet, bedding, etc. I have just recently noticed her urine is thicker than normal and comes out in small quarter size amounts. she is in and out of her box numerous times in a day like she is trying to go but cant. Now I just noticed her walking with her back foot out and legs together she is soo weak and only eats a little...but she is drinking her water. please help me and my phoebe!

Sounds to me like she may have a UTI. These are common and can be easily treated. I have written a page about this condition here



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by: Anonymous

Brought her to vet and he suggested diagnostic treatments first but after hundreds of dollars it would only determine what maybe wrong. Then it would be treatment possible surgery and he also noticed an abnormal growth in her belly area which she would need a scan and or xray. She is severely dehydrated and won't eat or drink she has lost so much weight and only ways 4 lbs. He suggests putting her to sleep cause she is soo ill. Her eyes wouldn't even respond to the light when it was shined in her eyes. He basically said she is dying. I could take diagnostic as the next step but there are no guarantees. So he said if it were his animal he would have her put down:(

Comment from Kate
This si the sign of a good vet. A bad vet would suggest this and that and try to part you from lots of money. but a good vet is honest and puts the cats well being first.

of course at the end of the day it is your decision but at least you can be assured that your vet is a honest one.

I am so sorry that your cat is so sick.

best wishes kate

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