Very aggressive cat after spaying

by Stacy
(North Carolina)

We've had our 4 year old cat Ginger since she was 8 weeks old and she is our only cat (and pet). She has always been an indoor cat. She isn't what you would call the most "friendly" to people she has never met and it take awhile for her to get used to anyone new. She's not one to violently attack, just mainly hissing and occassional swatting if someone new tries to pet her. Our advice to anyone who comes over is to ignore her and let her approach them. This has always proven successful.

We have just had her spayed today and she is extremely irate. No one in the family can go near her carrier without her screaming, yelling, growling, and violently swatting. I have approached her several times to get her out of her carrier but everytime I get close to unlocking the latch she scratches and bites me. I know she doesn't feel well but I'm starting to get leary about approaching her. Is this normal for a cat to be so aggressive after getting spayed? How long will this last? I got her spayed for all the right reasons, I was told, but now I'm not so sure. Any advice on how to calm her down and get her out of her cage? I'm desperate.

Answer by Kate
Don't worry, if your cat is genearlly a bit tetchy then this is just another more exaggerated version of this. She is angry, fearful, possibly sore and genearlly unhappy about the whole vet thing.

All you need to do is to try and get the latxch open so that when she is ready she can come out. Don't fuss round her, leave her in a quite place so that she can calm down.

having her spayed was the right thing to do don't worry. Im sure any trip to the vets would upset your cat in this way if it is there nature to react this way to change etc.

Give her some time and space and let her come to you, which I'm sure she will when she realises that it is all over and that she is home. It may take a few days for her to settle fully down as she may still feel the effects of the anesthetic etc.

best wishes kate

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Aggressive 5 yr old Ragdoll female
by: Sandy

We have four cats all indoor with special Catmax netting on patios and outdoors for them to roam.
All but one was desexed , we decided to desex our little Lizzy as she started to ‘call’ quite vocally...
It’s been 2 weeks .. her whole personality has changed .. very aggressive and fighting with the other three.. chaos and stressful for the other cats as I try to keep them separated... will this settle?
They previously all got on well with each other , sharing their beds and calm happy cats ... She’s even attacked the gentle Labrador...
We thought we did the right thing by desexing her , can’t split them up or rehome her we love them all.

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