very concerned about my kitten

by brittany
(united states)

my kitten has ringworm and fleas so we are using lots of thing(shampoo and flea dip) to try to get rid of it, but lately she has been shaking and is sheding a lot of hair so we stopped using that stuff. we can't afford to go to the vet. if someone knows what is wrong with her and what we can do please tell me.

Answer by Kate
sounds to me like she is still suffering from the worms etc and may even be a little anemic if she has a bad infestation of fleas. this is common in kittens with fleas and can be fatal if not treated quickly.

I wouldn't recommend trying to wash the fleas off etc as this is only a temporary solution, instead you want to prevent them for breeding and to kill them off completely.

the best solution is to treat her with a spot on treatment (make sure you get one suitable for kittens) which gous on the back of the neck and only has to be done once a month. The best spot on treatments also kill of worms too.

I the best spot on treatments are available from the vets (you can buy them from the vets without having to see a vet and pay for a consultation) and are really affective and well worth the little extra you have to spend. you probably save in the long run anyway.

If your cat has become very ill because of the infestation she may need further treatment from the vet anyway. You will have to decide whether or not you think that she is well enough for you to be able to treat her yourself or if she does need to see a vet.

Hope they are better soon

best wishes Kate

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by: Lori

My immediate concern is that with all the flea dips and shampoos, the kitten may be absorbing the poison.

by: Anonymous

For fleas, the topical preparations are great, but generally not to be used on kittens under 12 weeks of age. I prefer Revolution, as it also kills internal parasites, ear mites and heart worms). In little kitties, I have found that bathing in people shampoo kills the fleas (baby shampoo is probably better), but you will have to repeat in a few days. Neosporin will not kill the ringworm...I've been there. Malaseb shampoo (available from Revival Animal Health and other places) is good, I've heard, but you can use Lamisil or any OTC athlete's foot preparations (generics are OK). Ringworm is not a worm, but a fungus. I have also used, at the suggestion of the vet, dilute Betadine (1 tsp. per .5 oz of water, I think). Lime sulfur dip at a concentration marked on the bottle, is effective, but very stinky...I would use a smaller dilution for a kitten. Very contagious; separate the kitties if you have more than one, and sanitize the areas it has been in with Clorox, at least 1:10. Don't mix products on the animal (like the Betadine and the Lamisil, use one or the other). It takes a long time for it to go away; I went through it with multiple rescue kitties, and about lost my mind. Really, though, consult a vet...these are all things I used in conjunction with frequent vet visits.

Very concerned for my kitten
by: Mary In NC USA

Kate is correct about getting a good spot on for the fleas. FRONTLINE PLUS is one of the BEST and works rapidly.
It comes in a dose according to cats weight but you dont have to see a vet first.
The spot on treatments you can get in stores are basically worthless so dont waste your money on them.
As for treatment of the ringworm.....apply
NEOSPORIN ointment on it a couple times a day until it drys up and goes away.
Neosporin is available at ANY drug store over the ocunter and is very in-expensive and it is also NOT toxic to cats if they should lick it.
Hope this helps you

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