very concerned about my male cat shadow

by Kim VanScyoc
(Pittsburgh PA)

The past few days he has been acting a little odd. He has just been laying around. A few nights ago he ate a good amt of cat nip and since then he has been just laying around. He's thrown up his food a few times since then and when that occurs there is white foam with it but recently last night and this morning he has been breathing very odd and continuing to lay around and hardly eating. With the breathing is the thing that is concerning me the most. Its almost has if he is struggling to breath, they are deep, fast breaths.

Now he is one of my three cats. He has a sister(mittens) from the same litter, and a brother I had a year before I got shadow and his sister. Shadow and mittens are about a year and 5 months old. A year ago shadow and mittens were diagnosed with feline leukemia. I do not have enough money to take them to a vet or have insurance for them I am I college student. But I am very concerned and just hoping and praying he isn't dyeing because my cats are my life.

I just want someone who could help me in letting me know what is going on and if I could do anything...

Thanks soo much!
Kim Van

Answer by KAte
Hi Kim
I think you may be looking for an answer that simply does not exist. Unfortunately owning a cat comes with the responsibility of being able to pay for them when they need medical treatment, there often is no way round.

It is difficult to say what is causing your cats current difficulties. It may have been too much catnip which can upset them, but after all this time i would have thought that its affects would have worn off.

It may have something to do with the leukemia, in which case only a vet can help.

the only other thing i can think of is that your cat has a very bad hairball which may be stuck and causing breathing problems. but the only way to find out for sure is to take your cat to see a vets as soon as possible.

i am sorry there is no other alternative, i'm afraid its the price we pay for the love of our cats. telephone your vets to see if there is any help financially in your area. Sometimes there are animal charities which can help in some circumstances.

i do hope you can find some help soon, your cat looks a very fine chap indeed.

best wishes Kate

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