Very concerned for my cat and kittens

by Jenny
(South Carolina )

I have 2 adult cats and 3 kittens that are about a month old. My oldest cat came in from being outside for about 2 days and had dry yellowish stuff holding one eye shut. She also has been dry heaving jus ever so often like three times a day. Then the other eldest cat (mother of kittens) has been having the same eye problems but not the dry heaving jus sneezing. The kittens also have the eye problem but that's it. I have no money for a vet but am in dyer need of help thanks so much if u take the time to help my animals.

what can I say. Taking care of animals does take some money from time to time, so if you are planning on keeping all of these cats you may want to think about some sort of insurance. It can get expensive.

Anyway as for this situation. Sounds to me like it could be cat flu. This can be nasty and can cause permanent eye damage if it is very severe. it is not treatable, all you can do is to keep wiping the eyes with warm water and a soft cloth and to make sure all the cats drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. Please see this page for more on this

There are other eye conditions too such as conjunctivitis which can cause eye pus etc. i have another page about these cat eye conditions


I wish you all the best with your cats, but please be aware there are costs involved such as having them neutered or spayed and vaccinated. If you cannot afford to do this then it may be better to try and find other homes for them. it can get out of hand very quickly and before you know where you are 2 cats turn in 6 and 6 turn into 24, it all happens very quickly.

best wishes kate

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