very sick cat

by jerri

we found a stray cat a couple of weeks ago, we were nice to it and have been giving some food because she appeared to be pregnant (i have a heart, i couldnt let her starve). we tried feeling her stomach, but couldnt feel any kittens moving around inside. then a coulple days later she started to not eat or drink and just lay around. then her stomach was no longer big like she was pregnant. we couldnt find kittens anywhere. maybe some racoons got to them or something. now she is like a zombie cat. occasionally she would get up and walk a few feet, stop pee or poop, move a little more and stop. she wont eat or drink. we fixed up a little spot for her with a box and some towels and put her in there (we live in florida and the weather is nice right now or else we would bring her inside to take care of her). so now she is just staying in the box and not leaving it. occasionally she will cry out. her tongue was sticking out a little bit and she would drool some. so we have been trying to force feed and give her water with a oral syringe. we first started with the water because we figured that she is really dehydrated. so when we did this her tongue looked weird and wasnt really moving right, possibly the effects of dehydration? as we continue to give her water, thick drool was falling out, but as we continue it thinned out and went away. and now when we try to feed her or give her water she starts to cry out then stops and looks as if she is gaining energy from the food and water. she appears a little better from the

food and water but we are not sure. we dont know whats wrong with her, we cant take her to the vet because its way too expensive and shes not our cat. trust me, i would take her to the vet in a heart beat if i had the money. we dont thinks it's rabies, but maybe it is, so we have been very careful. we would like to know whats wrong with her and what we can do to make her better. please we need a quick response because she appears as if she is going to die any second.

p.s. we have indoor cats and i have had cats all my life and have never seen this before.

I understand your concern and it is great that you are looking after her but in situations like this there is no half way house i'm afraid. You have to either decide that you want to try and help her or not and if you do then you have no other option but to take her to the vets.

her condition does sound severe but it is impossible to diagnose her problem over the Internet, she needs to be properly examined.

There are many possibilities, she may be poisoned, she may have a heart condition, she may have had kittens and is now suffering from problems after the birth, the list could go on i'm afraid.

I know its hard and i know vets are expensive, it is entirely up to you but if you could get her some medical help i think it may be her only chance. i don't know if their are animal charities where you live who could help or not.

Bless you for helping her thus far and i hope you have a happy ending.

best wishes kate

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sending the kitten to the Humane Society is not necessarily the answer
by: Anonymous

I believe I was told that in my area the Humane Society kills 7 out of 10 cats. I would try to get the animal to a vet some how. See if there are any vets that will take payments. I know in my area most won't but I did find one who would. Please try to get the animal help if not post an ad asking for someone to offer to financially help the kitten/cat. Good luck to the animal

For very sick cat
by: Anonymous

If you call the humane society and tell them your story and you'd like to keep the cat they will usually help with the vet bill. Or if you can't keep the cat, because it needs help they should take it in.
I've done this a few times and I've never been turned down. The amount of help has varied but it has been offered.
A last resort would be the local pound. They will doctor her up to try to adopt her out. Only problem with that solution is pounds are not "no kill."

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