Very worried about my cat

cat is 13,sick for the past 12 days, eating is limited to gravy, cat sip, & water. She has stopped cleaning herself. A week ago the vet prescribed zeniquin 25mg - 1/2 pill/day. I had a difficult time getting the pill in her. On Saturday she bit my finger,drew blood. I went to urgent care - got Keflex antibiotic & tetnus shot.

Yesterday I took her to vet - she was very weak - he did an examine and suggested doing a full work up of test - I declined due to her age and health. Instead I opted for the vet to give her an anitibiotic injection is suppose to work for 2 weeks + a water pack. She seemed a bit better last night - actually ate a little baby food. But this morning I woke up to find her lying completely limp on her side in her bed, breathing really heavy, & weezing. Then she pushed her head back, mouth hung open showing teeth, took heavy breaths/yelp while kicking front feet. Back to heavy breathing she has not moved all day. What do I do? Vet says to either wait and see or euthanize + raby test. She is 100% indoors - only goes to groomer and vet. Should I worry about rabies? Isn't the only way to get rabies is via a rabid animal bite? Can they get it from grooming tools and open skin?

Answer by Kate
i am so sorry to hear that your cat is so sick. She really does sound very bad I'm Afraid.

I wouldn't have thought this was rabies if she is an indoor cat. However it is impossible to say what it is without a full set of tests being done.

At 13 she is a mature cat but not very old. My cat dies last year and she was 17.

She does sound very weak to me and so I'm afraid my friend you have a very hard decision to make for her. You need to either decide that she is strong enough to cope with having full tests done, which will help the vet make a diagnosis and possibly be able to help her or that you feel that she is so weak now that she is only suffering and little chance of recovery, in which case helping her cross over is the kindest option. i really do not think there is a middle ground.

Only you can make this decision based on your knowledge of your cat and her current circumstances. I know it is a hard one, all cat owners find themselves at some point with these sorts of decisions, its all part of being a caring cat owner.

my thoughts are with you and whatever decision you make will be the right one for you and your cat.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

You stated you gave your cat an antibiotic shot that lasts for two weeks. Convenia is the name and it kills thousands of pets. One quick online search and you will find the thread sacrificing safety for convenience. My cat reacted terribly and I almost lost her. The insert on the medication has a warning about when and how to use the medication that many vets have ignored and caused it. They may have thought it was what was best for your pet but I just wanted to mention this in case someone else is reading about this and has a healthy cat, choose another antibiotic. Convenia should be given as a last resort after other antibiotics are tried and failed.

by: Anonymous

i am not sure if this is too late. do not be afraid to test your animal. also after going through a very difficult painful period with my animal there is a difference between very sick and dying. i have never really seen a sick animal and my boy was very very sick and he was not dying. i went to several vets (3) THE EMERGANCY ROOM AND HAD MINOR SURGERY AND ASPIRATION PLUS SONOGRAM AND 4 MONTHS LATER MY BOY IS SiTTING NEXT TO ME ALIVE in assisted living but not down nder. when I was weighing him at the vet I saw a dying dog and I thanked god for letting me witness this animal. the living fear death not the dying. he was incredibly ill. its frightening and do not hesitate to test your animal within reason blood work fluids ect are all pretty non invasive - good luck i also tried reiki and it helped

very worried about my cat

I am sorry to hear about your cat it sounds to me the cat is very sick I had to put my 12 yr old down he was in pain. He would eat and sleep he would not sleep with me he always did and he would play with Simba his buddy. If he is in pain I know this will hurt put the best thing to do is put him down i AM STILL NOT OVER shadow but that would be the best thing to do. I AM VERY SORRY HANG IN THERE CHERYL FROM WOONSOCKET R.I.

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