Violent and painful cat attacks

by Liam
(Seattle, WA, USA)

I have a 2 year old, 15 lbs, neutered, Maine Coon named "Tuck". He's decided that its great fun to jump on my back while I am working at my computer and dig his claws into me causing bloody puncture wounds and rips and tears in my shirts. From what I've read on curbing bad cat behavior...its best to ignore them and walk away and yelling is ill-advised. But its kind of hard not to yell in pain when it feels like fish hooks attached to a 15 lbs weight is all of a sudden hooked into your back when you least expect it. I've chalked it up to wanting attention (the same sort of thing when he uses the mattress as a scratching post in order to get me up) but he still continues to do this even after I play with him, feed him, give him catnip on occasion and spend time with him. Unfortunately, I can't spend all the time in the world with him because I work at I need to be able to work at my computer without fear of him suddenly and without warning launching up and ripping his claws down my back like a fresh new pair of curtains hanging by the window. Should I start wearing a bear attack suit as protection while I am at my computer? Spraying him with water to the butt doesn't seem to work too well anymore...he just sits and licks it off.

-Liam, bloodied, bruised and running out of shirts

Answer by KAte
Ouch and how weird. I have never heard of a cat doing this before, especially a Miane Coon whi are known for being the gentle giants of the cat world. It is obviously a learn behavior that he thinks is Ok to do.

I know that screaming out is hard to do but your cat will see the sound as a positive reaction and will continue to do it.

The only thing i can think of doing is to shut yourself into your room when you are on the computer or shut your cat in a another room. Also provide lost of things for your cat to do while you are on the computer, scratching posts, toys, even a video with birds on etc which are designed to grab your cats attention (there a few on this site under the heading of cat toys.

You didn't mention if your cat was neutered or not. If not then that would also help to calm them down.

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No dice to speak of
by: Liam

I did...and he is neutered. Which makes the situation all that more weird. He's a very typical male Maine Coon besides constant attacks...he plays with his water bowl, he runs in and out of the room howling like a maniac and just generally likes to try and talk to us. The only other weird trait that he has is that he is scared of strangers (especially children) and will hide under the bed for hours even after they are gone. I'll try the bird video...and I also saw mention of bubbles for a different question...I think I'll try that as well.

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